bed1 W1S1 [bed] n
6¦(lowest layer)¦
7¦(in river/water)¦
8 get out of bed on the wrong side
9 not a bed of roses
10 you've made your bed and you must lie on it
[: Old English; Origin: bedd]
1.) ¦(SLEEP)¦ [U and C]
a piece of furniture that you sleep on
Simon lay in bed thinking about the meeting next day.
She got into bed and turned out the light.
I was too tired to get out of bed .
You should go to bed early tonight.
Have you made your bed , Penny?
I'll just put the children to bed .
Sorry for calling so early - I hope I didn't get you out of bed .
Come on kids, it's time for bed .
Dad always has a whisky before bed .
He felt so ill that he took to his bed .
We'd love you to come and stay. The spare bed 's available for you.
2.) ¦(SEX)¦[U] informal
used to refer to having sex
I came home early and found him in bed with (=having sex with) my best friend.
He wanted me to go to bed with him.
He's been trying to get his secretary into bed for ages.
She told me he was actually very good in bed (=a skilful lover) .
the flat ground at the bottom of a river, lake, or sea
the sea bed
4.) ¦(GARDEN)¦
an area of a garden, park etc that has been prepared for plants to grow in
rose beds
5.) ¦(ROCK)¦
a layer of rock
6.) ¦(LOWEST LAYER)¦ [singular]
a layer of something that forms a base that other things are put on top of
bed of
prawns on a bed of lettuce
an area at the edge of a river or in deeper water where things grow
an oyster bed
The birds build their nests in reed beds along the river bank.
8.) get out of bed on the wrong side
BrE get up on the wrong side of the bed AmE
to feel slightly angry or annoyed for no particular reason
9.) not a bed of roses
not a happy, comfortable, or easy situation
Life isn't always a bed of roses, you know.
10.) you've made your bed and you must lie on it
spoken used to say that you must accept the results of your actions, even if they are bad
COLLOCATES for sense 1
in bed
single/double bed (=a bed for one person/two people)
get into bed/get out of bed
go to bed
make your bed (=tidy the covers after you have slept in your bed)
put somebody to bed (=put a child in their bed)
get somebody out of bed (=make someone get out of bed)
time for bed (=time to go to sleep)
climb/crawl into bed
jump out of bed
before bed (=before going to bed)
take to your bed (=go to bed because you feel ill)
spare bed (=a bed for visitors to your home)
bed 2
bed2 past tense and past participle bedded present participle bedding
v [T]
1.) to fix something firmly and deeply into something else
bed sth in sth
The foundations were bedded in cement.
2.) old-fashioned to have sex with someone
bed down phr v
1.) to sleep somewhere which is not your bed and where you do not usually sleep
Can I bed down on your sofa?
2.) bed sb/sth<=>down
to make a person or animal comfortable in a place where they do not usually sleep
bed out [bed sth<=>out] phr v
to put plants into the ground so that they can grow

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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